Data Is Needed On Animal Crimes

February 18th, 2014

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), founded in 1940, is dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among sheriffs, their deputies,… Read More

A New Sheriff In Town

February 18th, 2014

A Humane Nation – Wayne Pacelle’s Blog On many occasions, I have written about our collaboration with our nation’s law… Read More

Protect And Serve – Including The Animals

February 18th, 2014

Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation In recent years, there’s been a step-by-step fortifying of the legal framework against cruelty, with… Read More

The Link – In The News – Real Stories

February 18th, 2014

The below information was provided by our friends at the National Link Coalition. Please visit their site for additional information…. Read More

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys – State Criminal Animal Protection Laws Part 2

February 18th, 2014

Association of Prosecuting Attorneys Maine Criminal Animal Protection Laws Maine’s prohibitions against cruelty to animals fall within a comprehensive statutory… Read More


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