To ensure balanced representation between the state, local, national and private sector members and the various disciplines, the coalition will have 3 Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs will plan meeting agendas, facilitate meetings and conference calls and provide general leadership to the coalition. Co-chairs will be elected at each annual meeting.


2017 Co-Chairs

Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh, Chester County (PA) Sheriff’s Office

Mark Kumpf, CAWA, Director, Montgomery County Animal Resource Center

April Doherty, Paralegal and Lead Investigator – Animal Abuse Unit, State’s Attorney’s Office of Baltimore County

(From left to right, April Doherty, Sheriff Welsh, and Mark Kumpf)


Work Groups

Police-Involved Dog Encounters:

Chair:  Jim Crosby

Co-Chairs: Randy Lockwood, Mark Kumpf, and April Doherty

Roll Call Training:

Chair: Ashley Mauceri, HSUS

Co-Chairs: Sherry Ramsey, April Doherty


Chair: Marylou Randour, Animal Welfare Institute

Co-Chairs: Dan DeSousa, Mark Kumpf, Sheriff Bill Bohnyak, April Doherty

Executive Board Members

Phil Arkow, Coordinator – National Link Coalition

Nancy Blaney, Senior Policy Advisor, Animal Welfare Institute

Ashley Mauceri, HSUS – Law Enforcement Outreach Director

Dan DeSousa, National Animal Care & Control Association

George Harding, Manager – Antioch Animal Services

Lisa Lunghofer, PhD, Director, Human-Animal Programs  –  Animals & Society Institute

Diane Pedulla, Director, Regulatory Affairs – American Psychological Association

Diana Webster, President – Native America Humane Society

Charlie Whitman-Barr, Associate Attorney Advisor – AEquitas

Katie Campbell, Outreach Coordinator – RedRover

Chelsea Rider, Director – National Law Enforcement Center on Animal Abuse

Randall Lockwood, Senior Vice President Forensic Sciences – ASPCA

Robert Lowery, Jr., Vice President, Missing Children Division – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Chris Green, Executive Director, Animal Law & Policy Program – Harvard Law School

John Thompson, Deputy Executive Director/COO – National Sheriffs’ Association

Michelle Welch, Assistant Attorney General – Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Attorney General

Martha Smith-Blackmore, National Forensic Veterinarian – Forensic Veterinary Investigations, LLC

Diane Balkin, Senior Staff Attorney – ALDF

Student Members
Hannah Laufer, Law Student

Subject Matter Experts
Tracey Thompson
Núria Querol, Observatorio Violencia Hacia los Animales/UnijePol
Sheriff Bill Bohnyak, Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Jessica Rock, Animal Law Resource

Updated May 14, 2018



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