11 Sep

“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?” The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs (Webinar)

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“Officer Why Did You Shoot My Dog?”: The Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings of Dogs

As if law enforcement and the communities they serve have not been dealing with a crisis recently, there is an even larger one seriously eroding public faith and profoundly affecting law enforcement/community relations. It is officers shooting family pets.

When dogs are shot by law enforcement, it rips at the basic thread that holds law enforcement and the community together.  Today there are more than 80 million dogs living in 57 million U.S. households. Sixty-three percent of those households consider their dog a friend and family member. Chances are very high that law enforcement will encounter dogs in their daily interaction with the public. When a law enforcement officer kills or shoots someone’s dog, it deeply affects the family, as well as the officer, the neighborhood and the community.

This webinar will:

  • explore the increasing problem of officer-involved shootings of dogs
  • and discuss how agencies and individual offices can protect themselves from this growing problem.

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