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Time : 07:30 AM
End Date : 2018-04-13
End Time : 05:00 PM
Location : Code 3 Associates / Kinsco 1456 Skyway Dr Longmont, Colorado 80504 United States

REGISTER AT: http://www.nacanet.org/event/LongmontCO_A_2018

Academy Information:

The National Animal Care & Control Association and Code 3 Associates have partnered to develop a higher standard in animal care and cruelty investigation training: The National Animal Control and Humane Officer (NACHO) Training Academy.

The NACHO Training Academy began in January 2015 and consists of three 40 hour Monday-Friday modules that can be taken in any order. With this new collaboration, participants will earn the NACA Animal Control Officer Certification, upon successful completion of Module A and B, and will earn theCode 3 Cruelty Investigator Certification upon completion of Modules A, B, and C.

Until now, receiving these national certifications required individuals to complete five 40 hour week long training courses, however, many of the skills needed to become certified as an Animal Control Officer are also needed to be certified as a Cruelty Investigator. Recognizing this overlapping of skill sets, NACA and Code 3 have worked together to identify areas where the training curriculum in both programs overlap and have developed new curriculum to reduce the total weeks of training necessary to earn both the Animal Control Officer Certification and Cruelty Investigator Certification.

NACHO Module A Curriculum Includes:

  • The Professional & Ethical Officer
  • Animal Capture Techniques
  • Basic Companion Animal Identification
  • Interviewing & Behavior Analysis
  • Search & Seizure, w/ Juveniles & Liability
  • Investigative Report Writing
  • Biosecurity & Zoonotic Diseases
  • Veterinary Evaluations, Injuries & First Aid
  • Stress Management
  • Safety & Survival in the Field
  • Companion Animal Behavior

Each day begins at 7:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm.


Tuition for Module A will be $595.00 for non-NACA members, and $575.00 for NACA members.

For information on joining NACA, click here.

For any additional questions please check out our FAQ or email naca@nacanet.org.


Code 3 Associates / Kinsco
1456 Skyway Dr
Longmont, Colorado  80504
United States

REGISTER AT: http://www.nacanet.org/event/LongmontCO_A_2018

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