26 Jun

Animal Cruelty and the Link to Collateral Crimes (Webinar)

Time : 01:00 PM
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End Time : 02:00 PM
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Animal Cruelty and the Link to Collateral Crimes – How animal abuse investigations may lead to other crimes by or against humans

There is nationwide increased attention to animal cruelty and dog fighting due to a mounting body of evidence about the link between such acts and serious crimes of more narrowly human concern, including illegal firearms possession, drug trafficking, gambling, spousal, elder, and child abuse, gangs, bestiality, child pornography and more. This webinar will emphasize that while animal-cruelty issues were long considered a peripheral concern for law enforcement, that illusory distinction is rapidly fading. Animal cruelty is part of a larger nexus of crimes and the psyche behind them. People are at risk when animals are abused, and animals are at risk when people are abused. Taking animal cruelty seriously can lead to identification of other crimes involving humans.

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