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Our Mission is simple – Use our collective resources to reduce violence against animals and increase awareness of its link to violence against people!

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In January 1, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) started collecting data on animal cruelty incidents under its National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). Since animal control officers (ACOs) and humane law enforcement (HLE) officers are the first responders to many, if not most, incidents of animal neglect and cruelty, this professional community must play a key role in ensuring accurate and comprehensive reporting of animal cruelty crimes.

The NIBRS User Manual for Animal Control Officers and Humane Law Enforcement was developed to ensure ACOs and HLE are aware of and fully equipped for their new and critical role in reporting animal cruelty incidents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Prior to the creation of the NIBRS animal cruelty category in 2016, ACOs and HLE were not NIBRS reporters.

In addition to providing an introduction to the NIBRS animal cruelty incident report and guidance on reporting, the manual contains:

  • a reporting form, developed in cooperation with the FBI, compatible with the NIBRS reporting system requirements;
  • a template for a memorandum of understanding that can be used to formalize relationships between the animal control, or HLE agency, and the local police department for sharing data on animal cruelty incidents; and
  • a map of current NIBRS participation states (as of February 7, 2016).

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national coalition on violence against animals

It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned
to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed - Charles Darwin

Who We Are

The National Coalition On Violence Against Animals was established as an independent collective of local, state and national organizations that focus on animal cruelty and its relationship to other forms of violence.

The NCOVAA builds upon the hard work of each individual member and member organization, accelerating their momentum by bringing together all the elements to achieve a national multidisciplinary coordination of efforts.

The NCOVAA facilitates cooperation across organizations in ongoing and new efforts both to end animal abuse and to increase understanding that it occurs in the general context of violence in society.

The NCOVAA provides a forum for key national, state and local organizations and professionals to positively promote national policies, strategies, practices and guidelines

While members and member organizations may have differing perspectives and differing opinions on the specifics of implementing national initiatives, we will always aspire to have a group understanding. The coalition will have no problem finding consensus on major goals to end animal cruelty in our nation.

Our Mission is Simple

To use our collective resources to reduce violence against animals and increase awareness of it's link to violence against children, families, and societies, by achieving the following objectives:
  • Share information, knowledge, experiences, and practices.
  • Identify ways in which participating organizations can work together to reduce violence against animals.
  • Identify gaps in the current efforts to reduce violence against animals and recommend policies, programs, and research that will stimulate the reduction of violence against animals and to offer resources to meet that goal.
  • Speak with ONE VOICE on national issues that affect the mission of the coalition as a whole.
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Membership is open to any individual advocates, experts, agencies, and organizations in the fields of, animal protection, animal health, child protection, domestic violence, judicial, law enforcement, mental health, and policymaking at every level who understands the issues involved in reducing violence against animals. You must be a member to get access to the member only notices and updates.

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